Quality & Affordable Legal Representation

Quality & Affordable Legal Representation

Quality & Affordable Legal Representation

Quality & Affordable Legal Representation

We all have a right to counsel in criminal proceedings regardless if we can afford one under both the United States and the Texas Constitution. But what if you are in a legal proceeding where that right does not exist for your type of case? What if you are faced with a civil case where your rights to property, your children, or even your right to make decisions concerning yourself or loved ones are at risk without the advice or assistance from legal counsel?

Our firm believes a person should not be limited to quality affordable legal representation simply because of what is in their bank account. That's why we accept payments via credit cards and offer flat fees for legal representation on traffic tickets, uncontested divorces and our will and estate planning services. If your case is a contested matter, we offer payment options for those who are unable to come up with thousands of dollars for a retainer. We invite you to contact us for a consultation on how we may best advise, fight and protect your rights.

Practice Areas

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Traffic Tickets

The presence of flashing blue and red lights behind you while driving can be stressful and aggravating. This is especially true if driving is your livelihood. Furthermore, simply paying the fines associated with a traffic violation could potentially lead to points assessed against your driver's license, surcharges or even a suspension of your driver's license. Alternatively, ignoring the ticket can lead to a warrant. Our attorney has represented thousands of traffic ticket offenses and has...

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Family Law

Our families provide us support, love and comfort. When the sanctity of your family life is threatened because of breakups or disputes, you need an attorney that will be in your corner. Our firm will fight for your rights and the interests of those you love. Take the first step to protect yourself and loved ones and put us in your corner. Our firm is proud to offer flat fees for uncontested divorces. Call us today for a consultation.

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Probate & Estate Planning

We work hard to provide a good life for our loved ones. Do not let unexpected circumstances rob you of the dignity of providing and protecting your loved ones as you would see fit. The best way to do so is to take advantage of the various ways Texas law allows in protecting your property or loved ones in the event the unexpected arises. Don't be caught off guard. Call us today to see how Texas' probate, guardianship and estate laws may be used to protect you and yours.

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